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    The 3D Solution

    Due to growing demands in the industry and the technological leaps we find today, Logo Graphics & Signs has found itself having to grow just as quickly to maintain its edge as a powerhouse in the South African signage and branding industry. With new and improved methods and machinery constantly being upgraded, Logo Graphics & Signs has seen fit to expand itself and one of these advances is the addition of a CNC Cutting machine. The call for custom signage has become even greater with companies seeking to gain an advantage over competition and so their marketing has become more demanding to gain a unique and noticeable branding solution for their respective target markets.

    With the addition of the CNC Cutter, Logo Graphics & Signs can now offer a wider variety of options to our

    clients. Using the plasma cutting technology or the routing option, Logo Graphics & Signs can produce customed signage in a variety of different forms. The improvement of LED lighting and the availability of

    materials means Logo Graphics & Signs can turn any building, reception area, bar area, shop, office or any other area into a professional and unique advertisement for the respective businesses. With the use of 3D

    imaging, Logo Graphics & Signs offers a versatile solution to any company seeking the correct branding and advertising option that will enable them to promote themself in a unique manner without having to rely on older techniques of signage.

    CNC Machine

    Logo Graphics & Signs has also now just recently, added a Laser Engraver and Cutter. Even more accurate than it's Plasma Cutting sister, this machine has a 0.02mm radius with an offset of 0.001mm. This means that if you need an absolutely accurate piece cut out, Logo Graphics can now provide for you. Seeing is believing and so Click Here to see some samples of the work our latest addition is doing. This machine engraves most substrates and can engrave wording and designs of a very small size, onto plates with an accuracy that means that none of the design gets lost.

    Laser Engraved Wood
    Logo Graphics & Signs can provide:

    Cut-out Letters

    Routed Lettering

    Customed Cut-out Shapes

    Three Dimensional Light Boxes

    Custom Light Boxes

    Lit Display Signs

    Engraved Signs

    Machined Parts

    Raised and Routed Signage

    All of these various methods can be created using a variety of different materials including; Perspex, Steel, Wood & Aluminium

    Logo Graphics Samples

    To see more of these samples please

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