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    refurbishing and panel beating

    Due to a growing demand, Logo Graphics & Signs has diversified it's services so that it can accomodate growing market demands and provide more services and facillities for our customers. The time constraints on companies now days is a concern with certain services taking more time to complete than a company

    can afford. Costs and Time are a driving force when considering any new endeavour and Logo Graphics & Signs recognises this as an opportunity to increase their performances and provide a much needed service to their clients.

    Enter Logo Graphics Auto Colour!

    Having taken a look at the market and recognising a problem and a demand in the industry, Logo Graphics

    Auto Colour now provides a vehicle repair facility. Company Corporates have the potential to turn away potential cutomers when their branding (signs and vehicle branding) are old and tattered. Vehicles that have been damaged through use or accidents do not look very pleasing. A Food Delivery vehicle with faded and rusted trucks is not going to grab much attention that is positive. A Logistics company is going to disuade, new and old customers, from using their services due to accident damage and badly mangled vehicles. In order to continuously be gaining a positive influence in the market, a company should keep their vehicles and their corporate, fresh and consistant. Damaged and battered vehicles work against this. Vehicle branding is an extremely important tool for any company where they can make their name known to their target markets purely by creating an association to their trade through vehicle branding. Vehicles are always on the move and because of this, your company will have it's image displayed across multiple areas where multitudes of people can see it branded correctly.

    Logo Graphics Auto Colour takes these vehicles and strips off their old branding. All rust, dents, chassis distortion and any other damage to a vehicle's body, is repaired professionally. After the repairs are done, the entire vehicle is then given a brand new coat of paint. Spray painting is done to customer specifications using 2K Automotive Paint. Whether wanting the original base colour refurbished or to have the vehicle sprayed in the corporate colours, Logo Graphics Auto Colour gives a perfect finishing to your vehicle making it look brand new and out the box.

    In doing this, we provide a one-stop shop for our clients that allow them to bring in old vehicles and have them revived and their branding redone to ensure that whenever the vehicle is on the road, it is only giving off a positive image of the company with regards to branding. Let us revamp your image to the public, at a cost effective price, allowing your vehicle branding to shine as it was always meant to. Vehicle branding is important and we understand that by giving a quick turn around time and a professional vehicle branding solution.

    Vehicle Repair Example - Before
    Vehicle Repair Example - After
    Logo Graphics offers new services:

    Vehicle Body Dent, Scratch and Damage Repair

    Spray Painting Vehicle Chassis

    Repairs to Paint or Body Damage

    Panel Beating and Accident Repairs

    Old Vehicle Body Refurbishing and Colour Matching

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