Logo Graphics & Signs specialise in the standardisation of brands, changing the mind set and setting a corporate profile.

Logo Graphics & Signs has put in a lot of thought and effort into creating a service that provides their clients with a complete corporate image and branding solution. Covering the various areas that signage has available, Logo Graphics & Signs can offer professional branding solutions that is not only of the highest quality, but has an affordable cost and satisfactory results.

We understand the effort and labour put into creating a corporate image and as the designers of numerous corporate manuals which enforce the specifications and act as true guide lines, Logo Graphics & Signs has come to learn the importance of true graphic design. Having created a large amount of corporate logos as well as corporate branding solutions and profiles, Logo Graphics & Signs is fiercely dedicated to duplicating each client's corporate image perfectly every time so that the branding is guaranteed maximum exposure.

With today's technology, a complete corporate image can be displayed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing all the relevant people to view each corporate advertisement, whether it is a small sign or a large format billboard, allowing a company to gain as much advertising and marketing as possible.











Logo Graphics & Signs specialises in:

Logo Creation and Design

Logo Replication

Corporate Manual Creation

Corporate Colour and Branding Replication

Corporate Images and Branding Solutions

Electronic Marketing & Web Design

Mastering the art of design it has become a natural progression to move into web design.

Offering various packages at competitive pricing, Logo Graphics & Signs can now offer a full solution to a company.

Using a knowledge of graphic design as well as the latest in web design and programming language technologies, Logo Graphics & Signs , can not only create your marketing strategy and a corporate image for a company, we can now implement it.

With current day behaviours, the internet has become a powerful tool for many potential clients and by using a well structured and professionally designed website, any company can now be found 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, by just a click of a button on the worldwide web.

Having a website is indeed a very handy tool as well as being an important means of advertising.

Our Original logo Design 
Our Current  logo Design 
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